YourGoodSkin Booster Campaign
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YourGoodSkin Booster Campaign

Skincare launch campaign encouraging women to recognise the small things that they do to boost their mood and brighten loved one’s days

Skincare brand YourGoodSkin was a relative newcomer to the high street, having been developed as a customer-scientist collaboration, and driven by real-life skincare needs. It’s a straightforward, effective range, which challenged us to create campaigns to increase awareness and its share of the market. Our solution was to create a creative platform that was driven by the truths of real women’s lifestyles, celebrating all that they are and do for their family and friends, and encouraging them to also offer the same care and attention to themselves, in small ways.

For YourGoodSkin Boosters, we were briefed as the lead create agency, creating a core brand idea that could be activated in multiple channels, including retail and POS, and media, while we took on the digital brand campaign, including social assets. Keeping focused on aspirational but realistic ideas that the audience could adopt in their world, we put the spotlight on women who give other women a boost (because it’s the small pick-me-ups that can make a big difference), with a narrative-driven video series.

To bring this to life, we invited three women to each ask a woman who boosts their life to come to our studio. They celebrated the small moments they share and had the opportunity to thank each other for how they brighten the other’s life. To help make this happen, we considered all aspects of the shoot, including making the day itself a special experience for each pair, and creating a safe space for these women to express themselves openly and honestly which proved to be a success.

Creative Leads and Film Direction: Amelia Bowe and Sheena Brobbey

Creative Director (WBA): Emily Fleuriot

Cinematographer: Nathalie Pitters

Art Department: Jennifer Kay

Styling: Chelsey Clarke

MUA: Polly Mercer

Hair: Maki Tanaka

Brand Campaign, Branded Content, Creative Direction, Digital Campaign, Team Management
beauty, launch campaign, refinery29, skincare